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Acupuncture for Conception, Pregnancy and Childbirth

It seems as if no time has passed since I graduated from university in 1999 and started practising Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Acupuncture. Since graduating I have continued developing both my skills and knowledge in day-to-day practice, taking a particular interest in the area of fertility, pregnancy and childbirth issues, working from a TCM perspective but also incorporating new techniques and protocols that have been researched in the use of obstetric and gynaecological acupuncture. Mother And Father Sex

As part of my practice working with couples I offer lifestyle and nutritional advice and where appropriate incorporate the use of the latest protocols coming out of America in the use of acupuncture as an adjunctive therapy for women undergoing IVF. 

Over the years I have developed a particular interest in Japanese style acupuncture, studying modern texts by Yoshio Manaka, Kiiko Matsumoto and Stephen Birch amongst others. I followed up my initial informal informal study by completing a foundation course in Japanese style acupuncture, and have continued studying with Dulwich Acupuncture college’s rolling programme, a truly enlightening experience.

I have used the term “style” to describe Japanese acupuncture, as I see it not competing with, but just adding to, my knowledge and use of TCM. It is as if an astronomer has been given a new tool through which to explore the wonders of the night sky. The primary technique is that of “Hara diagnosis”, in which the practitioner uses palpation of the abdomen and the back in concert with palpation of reflex points as an additional tool, to aid diagnosis, to refine and guide treatment.

There are some differences in needling technique, Japanese style acupuncture favours much finer needles (a blessing I think), and there are some minor differences in location as well as one or two important extra points. There is also a greater emphasis on the use of moxibustion, particularly in the burning of tiny amounts of “thread moxa” directly on the body, an interesting and not unpleasant experience.

Integrating Japanese acupuncture into my practice has been a very natural progression, I am excited by what it has to offer, both for my patients, hopefully in terms of improved outcomes, and also for myself. As I continue to expand my knowledge through further study and practice over the next few years I intend to deepen my understanding and use of this important style of acupuncture.

If you’ve been considering acupuncture for the first time, or if you have had TCM acupuncture before and are interested in this subtle and fascinating approach to treatment contact me, James Donaldson on 01892 676214, or email
for further information or to book in for treatment.

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