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Acupuncture helps women cope with IVF treatment

A recent study of women having IVF accompanied by acupuncture in Australia showed that the acupuncture helped the women to cope with the stress around IVF and that it enhanced their sense of personal resilience.

Undergoing IVF is a stressful experience and is usually accompanied by a large degree of anxiety regarding the outcome of the treatment. This is usually preceded by months or years of stress connected with inability to conceive. The women in this study talked about how acupuncture had helped them to feel calm and peaceful during the IVF process. One woman said of her acupuncture treatment:
"It gave me a very warm relaxed feeling, a very kind of centered feeling. And I'd leave the session just feeling okay and balanced and more positive."
Another woman talked of how taken aback she was that acupuncture was so relaxing:
"What I found really surprising was as soon as the first needle went in I just felt a sense of relaxation and calm. I wasn't expecting that. It happened every time, yeah, and I suppose I always had this sense of calm and every, after every session regardless of whether I was there after an embryo transfer or just preparing for embryo transfer, or whatever, I felt calm and relaxed as I walked out the door. I wasn't expecting that when I went into the whole acupuncture experience."
For some women the benefits they gained from acupuncture were really profound:
"Acupuncture could offer me something that the traditional medicine couldn't necessarily offer me and that was just a feeling of wellness and inner health and I felt with the acupuncture, I felt that like my being and my soul were being looked after as well as just making a baby. And I felt that the IVF program is just make a baby, make a baby, make a baby. And although that was my primary aim, I felt that in order for me to be able to make that baby I needed to be looked after emotionally and in my soul as well."  
This study adds to the literature that supports the use of acupuncture as a complement to IVF treatment and the authors concluded that it suggested that "acupuncture holds the potential to improve a woman's psychological state before, during and after IVF treatment". 
The WellSpring acupuncturist is James Donaldson, who is very experienced in helping support women throughout assisted conception. If you would like to see James, you can call the clinic to make an appointment: 01892 676214
The study details are:
de Lacey, S.; Smith, C.A.; Paterson, C. Building resilience: a preliminary exploration of women's perceptions of the use of acupuncture as an adjunct to In Vitro Fertilisation. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2009;9:50

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