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Battlefield Acupuncture Available in Tunbridge Wells

Acupuncture, the Chinese system of placing very thin needles at specific points on the body to treat a whole range of conditions, has been around for thousands of years. Over time it has evolved new protocols and techniques one of the latest innovations is that of Battlefield Acupuncture (BFA). This technique used for the treatment of acute and chronic pain is a specific protocol using points in the outer ear.

This remarkable pain-relieving system was developed by US Air Force Colonel, Dr Richard Niemtzow, originally introduced with the intention of eliminating wounded soldiers? pain while on the battlefield, the technique was so successful that the US Air Force began teaching it to physicians deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan in 2009.   BFA is now being taught at Nellis Air Force base where it is used for service men, women, their families and dependants for the treatment of acute and chronic pain associated with a whole range of conditions. The procedure was introduced in 2008 at Landstuhl Regional Medical Centre (LRMC), where it was applied to wounded service members and local patients for pain relief. The hospital near Ramstein Air Base in Germany is the largest and most modern US military medical facility outside of the USA.

Colonel Niemtzow is a traditionally trained radiation oncologist, researcher and forensic examiner who served as a Chief Flight Surgeon in support of Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. In 2002 he became consultant for alternative and complementary medicine to the Air Force Surgeon General. He established the acupuncture clinic at Andrews Air Force Base.

The technique uses small gold coated, semi-permanent needles on five points of the outer ear. The needles are retained for up to two weeks; however the pain blocking for acute patients is usually experienced in just a few minutes.

BFA was introduced to the UK in 2010 at the British Acupuncture Councils conference, and was taught this year to a group of interested acupuncturists by US Air Force Colonel Dr Heather Pickett who has used the technique both in Iraq whilst on deployment with US Armed Forces and also at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada where she is currently posted.

I have begun using this technique at The WellSpring Clinic in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. The technique can be used once an accurate diagnosis has been made, for patients who present with acute pain, where it can be used to achieve immediate pain reduction, following this other traditional techniques can then be used to treat the underlying cause. With chronic pain sufferers the treatment can be repeated at fortnightly intervals.

So far I have achieved some significant success with patients suffering from migraine, and acute and chronic, neck, back, and shoulder pain due to either, traumatic injury, or due to underlying pathological conditions. The technique is not limited to these conditions but can be used for any pain problem.

It is reported that only approximately 15% of patients do not respond to this acupuncture procedure, but of those who do, their pain reduction averages 75%.

For more information or to book an appointment contact me on 01892 676 214. 

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